Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stepping Up

Well, here goes.

I'm not even sure where to start. Maybe I should begin with an update. After all, I reread my writings from the beginning of this blog and realized that I have come a long way since I started, and since I took a pretty heavy break.


In the spring of 2009, I broke off a dating relationship and was laid off from my graphic design job. While some people might find sadness in the timing and severity of these events, I was honestly very excited about the freedom that I had been given. Newly single and "between jobs", I was able to seek what I wanted to become involved with. I knew that my journey was going to take me deeper into my Catholic faith and allow me to rediscover my passion of dancing in a studio and on stage.

At this time I was heavily involved with a swing dancing organization and had made many friends from many meetings and social dances. One friend in particular found out that I was Catholic and invited me to a Theology on Tap. (At this time I was just attending mass at St. Albert) He joked that he always brings Catholics to come swing dance, and for one he was turning the tables! My first TOT was March 2009 where I was able to meet a few new people. Another new friend told me about 40 Days for Life and the Catholic 20somethings and how incredible both activities were. Since I had time to spare, I started praying at the abortion clinics on Fridays; relearned the rosary, and learned more about the Prolife movement in Austin. As a cradle Catholic, I always loved my faith and have always detested abortion -- it was the only thing that I would vote against. However, I didn't know that I could actually DO something about it.

As my faith grew over the 40 days, my friends grew too. I joined the 20somethings that month and met some of the best people I have ever known who have taught me so much.

In making additional connections in the Catholic circles, a third player in God's plan told me that I should consider meeting people at Majella Society (now Heroic Media) to see if I could get some graphic design freelance opportunities. After meeting a few ladies there, I had a small contract project and began to volunteer there too. Within a month or so, they decided to offer me a temp job as a development assistant. It was difficult to take at first since it wasn't a graphic design job, but I figured for 4 months, it wouldn't be a problem. While working there, I was able to dive deep into the movement when I started doing research on history, statistics and true stories of the horrors of abortion. Thanks to the grace of God, they were able to hire me permanently as the Executive Assistant to the CEO where I have been for over a year. Everyday I go to work knowing that I am helping women connect to life-affirming resource centers through the media we place nationwide. We hope that our media will not only help those women in need, but change our society to be a Culture of Life.

I am ever thankful that God lead me by the hand through that year to what now defines my life. Finding a great group of people to hold me accountable and love me was one of the best things God could give me. Finding a way to be actively prolife was a bonus, and even more special since it is my profession. Meanwhile, I was able to learn more about the Catholic Church, work on my relationship with God and the sacraments, and all with the help of my friends. It's amazing how much better a person I am today, and so full of pure love and joy. It truly is a blessing.


So, meanwhile during all of this transition, with my free time I was able to begin taking community dance classes at Ballet Austin's Butler Community School. I took some ballet, and Broadway Jazz. I immediately fell in love, and was able to attend the Broadway in May show in 2009. After seeing that show, I wiped away a few tears and said to myself, "You are going to do that!" I have always loved musicals and Broadway shows, but never really had an opportunity to pursue it. Since J and I broke up, I was done with ballroom, and figured I could start again at the Barre.

I spent any extra money I had on classes and met a few nice people. When it came time to register for the Christmas Musical Theatre workshop in July, I was pretty broke and still unemployed. One of the mothers of a dancer there convinced me to do the show and I am still grateful to this day. She told me that I would have a lot of fun, learn a lot and meet many great people, plus who knows? Maybe someone who could lead me to a job! So I signed up.

Well, as you already know, about this time I was volunteering at Heroic Media and got hired about 2 weeks after I signed up for the workshop. Praise God! (He's got the best timing). I did "Holiday Road" and got to be in the chorus and play crazy Aunt Sophie. I met some incredible people and began to build on my dance family.

Now, everyone who takes at BA has a story, a reason, and a burning passion for dance. It is amazing to have met such a dynamic, eccentric group of people of all ages, levels and types. I continued to dance and did "100 Years of Broadway in May" (and played a nutcase non-floozy Miss Hannigan among about 25+dances and songs) and "Magic in Manhattan" playing a hip hop dancer, a bunch of chorus roles, and the infamous snobby Aunt Betty.

We're getting geared up again for this May's show, "Broadway Today!" where we will feature shows that are currently (or very recently closed) on Broadway. I am PUMPED. I will have to update on the shows that I saw this past September in NYC, and my other travels later.

More to come on my Dance goals for 2011, some information on Broadway shows, recent Design in my life (that's not from graphic art!) and additional Discoveries in life.

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