Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Random and Recent Funny Experiences of Life:

1. A kid at Amy's Ice Cream ran into me with his chocolate ice cream cone. He didn't seem to mind and continued to eat it, even though I had a brown spot of ice cream on my teal shirt.

2. I waved to a car to go ahead in front of me with my half eaten banana.

3. I made some kids gasp during the death drop in my salsa routine.

4. I have always underestimated the gloriousness that is caramel candy.

5. Thanksgiving naps are the best. Especially when someone calls you Sleeping Beauty.


1. Dance show on Sunday! So excited.

2. Thick Blankets and Warm Beds.

3. Broadway tickets! (Camelot and The Wedding Singer, Phantom to come soon)

4. My birthday in about a week.

5. I saw Enchanted! It was cute.

6. Dance Classes/Social Dancing

7. Sisters and Wifey, dance friends

8. Christmas Parties and Panty Par-tay


1. Sleeeepy beans

2. brrrrr! I want my flip flop season back

3. Holiday treats making me over eats!

Life is good. I am 95% happy.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dancing Feet and Thankful Treats

Wow. What a weekend.

When I say that I danced ALL weekend, I really meant it.

Friday: Salsa for 2 hours, ALX (Swing) 11pm-4am
Saturday: Went to local records shops, ALX 8:45-5am (went to bed at 7 am )
Sunday: Ballroom for 5 hours (after 3 hours of sleep) then back to ALX from 8:30-11ish.

I had some shifts at the desk and eating times in there, but for the most part, I was dancing all weekend.

Sounds like torture to you? My body was not happy with me, but I had a great time. Next time, I'm taking Monday off. I got to dance with a lot of really great people, and I think I got better in just a couple of days. You get used to following, and start picking up new moves, and feel comfortable with yourself. Once you get really tired, then you start dancing really good. It's like when you're in color guard, and you do better on the second run through because you're pushing yourself, and you're just letting go of tension. Speaking of dancing and performing...

We finished our routines this weekend (just about) and the costumes are on the way or here. I am very excited about the show! I know I am a big dork, but I think it's a lot of fun. My mom and dad are going to go, and I think some friends from work might come see it too. I hope to get some good pictures as well.

Who is ready for Thanksgiving? I am ready for that nap. I am going to need to contain my energy for the weekend at the outlet mall! Mmm, Black Friday. I am fortunate enough to be getting vacation days for Thursday AND Friday. Lucky me!

Life is good. I can't really complain about much. There is a lot to be thankful for.

I have good friends--dancers, musicians, and artists. I have great parents and a really cool brother. I have my freedom to dance and dance and dance. I have a new job that I like a lot. I am athletic and healthy. I am blessed.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! What are you thankful for?


Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Old discovery for most of us Pantone-fans, but nonetheless a fun site to play with.

December 6 is Dusk Blue: 164120. Perceptive. Smart. Playful.

Get your own "colorstrology" report.

I rediscovered this when researching about the new Pantone Color System addition: Goe.

We got this new system at work, and we're excited to play!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Great Waltz and more

Dance Update!

Ballroom: We're practically done with our cha cha and waltz routines - Hooray! Our costumes are on the way, and I think it's going great. We still have more to learn in the salsa, but with some extra rehearsal time I think it'll be the best salsa routine to date.

The show is December 2 at the Fed, so if you can, you should come out and see it!

Lindy: The Austin Lindy Exchange is this weekend and I am psyched. 4 nights of dancing for hours and hours and meeting people from all over the US. I am going to stay with my friend in Pville, and dance my little butt off.

Ballet and Hip Hop: I got back into dance at a studio as well. (see Tapestry on links) I missed Ballet a lot and am glad to be back into it, and hip hop is a ton of fun!

The Great Waltz was this weekend and we went in a group to a incredible restaurant called Louie's 106 in downtown Austin. I got some awesome tuna and got a flight of Merlot wines. Getting dressed up and going to a nice dinner is one of best things to do.

For a small design update, I finally am organizing my Europe pictures and getting together an album of design-lovers pictures. Here is one of my favorites.

This is me in front of the Bauhaus Archives Museum. like, omg.

More later. Blogger doesn't want me to add more today.


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hello and welcome to my new blog.

I’ve had a Xanga blog for years, and copied it to facebook and myspace, but after poking on my friends Cade and Jennifer’s blog (see Buddy Blogs) and jumping into the world of gmail and other Google goodies, I have decided to get BlogSpot to develop my internet personality.

The design is also incredible.

This blog is going to revolve around my two passions: dance and design, but also touch into other interests like food, Broadway musicals and theatre, and fitness. (I just can’t think of how those start with ‘D’ and I was on a roll...ideas?)At any rate, this the first entry, and while it might seem quite lame, I think it is a good transition into a new blog, and in a sense, a new life.

I just got back from 3 weeks in Europe (see Xanga link for Euroblogs) and have started my first real time design job at Seda France in Austin. I also will be moving to Austin in the next 6 months. I am getting back into Ballet and jazz, and adding in some Hip Hop and Modern as well. I am also continuing Lindy Hop and Swing, and my Ballroom performance teams. I am about to be 25 years old in less than a month too. Eek!My life is in a fun transition.

The joys of being a twenty-something.