Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Design Idea

Design Idea:

Since every designer needs to do projects that excite and inspire them, I am going to start with making new contact/business cards. I figure this is something that I should update constantly.

My current ones (Vega Motel) are really neat, but I have discovered the following problems:

1. I am almost out.
2. My email address is different.
3. The tagline "Looking for Vacancies" doesn't apply anymore since I have a job.

Besides, they have blue, maroon and a dark gold bronze that doesn't match my personality at all. Since I want these cards to reflect ME and my PASSIONS and PERSONALITY, they are going to be black and white, with a splash of red, pink, teal, blue, and fuchsia. If you know me, you know this is my style, and pretty much what I wear. Right?

Continuing is why I am sharing this idea. I need a little feedback, both from design people, word and vocabulary people, and people who know me well.

I am going to have 5 different designs, all linked with the main colors (b&w) and the splash. Same Fonts, same copy and placement of info. Each front will have the "picture". I say this term, "picture" loosely, because each is a different type of image.

1. photograph, spot toned (dotty)
2. woodcarving floral graphic
3. modern pattern (circles, more than likely)
4. Typography (yes!)
5. Cartoon drawing (from the 20s)

With each image, I'll have a word that describes me, or something I like. Design and Dance are two of my passions/likes/hobbies, so I figured I could follow a trend of D words.


Now, word geeks: does it matter if they are not all verbs and nouns? Think about it: Design and Dance are both VERBS and NOUNS. The only words that follow that are DETAIL and DELIGHT. Thoughts? How about the word, DISH? DEAL? I like DISCOVER, even if it's a stretch.

The only other thing I am debating on (ooh! DEBATE!) is what word or words to use for the typography card. My initial thought is to just use my name. No, I am not obsessed with myself, but it leads into the book I have been working on. Cool.

That's it for now. Please give me some feedback, especially Cade, Jennifer and Rhonda. I thought of you guys as great resources and thought-paddles. (idea bounders!)


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

One Bad Apple in a Barrel of Pink Ladies

Today was a pretty bad day.

I have had a lot of great, good, and even super days lately, but today was just downright shitty. I really am a chipper person most of the time, so here's my rant.

1. I didn't get much sleep.
2. I was 10 minutes late to work, mind you, I took Monday off as a sick day.
3. I cut the tip top of my left ring finger practically off and almost fainted. Ugh.
4. Number 3 made me nauseous for almost the whole day.
5. I left my wallet at home.

Not too bad? Well, considering the fact that the other days were great, this one sure was stupid. Not to mention I had the small feeling of, " gee, I wish someone like-liked me like that. Must be nice." when I woke up this morning. It's passed now, mainly because I went out to eat with one of my friends and mentors of design at Blue Star Cafeteria and ate an incredible Mexican Vanilla cake. (he insisted, it was my birthday lunch) I find it ironic that I chose Mexican Vanilla, because that basically defines me. It was nice to talk to a designer friend about the scene and what's going on in Austin. There is a Clampitt paper demo holiday happy hour tomorrow that my colleague S. and I will go to. I love paper. Good times.

Still blue? Nah. I haven't even said anything about this weekend, which was the show!

Friday night was way fun. After salsa class, J. and I bullied K. and M. to go see Enchanted with us. They were grumpy at first, but really enjoyed it after all. It is so cute! Saturday I got my shift covered so I got to spend time with my parents and bro and L. and decorated the house. I got some new white cubes for my design annuals. For my early birthday I got a great book called the Logo, Font, and Lettering Bible, and Fosse, a DVD featuring the best of Bob Fosse's Broadway jazz choreography. He's famous for Sweet Charity, Chicago and the movies All That Jazz and Cabaret. After dinner at Red Lobster (yum), a viewing of Ratatouille and to bed I go!

The show on Sunday was interesting to say the least. The Fed's gorgeous wooden dance floor was covered in sticky beer residue from a late night frat party 2 days before. Before setting up, we had to mop the floor 3 times and proceeded to have a very sticky rehearsal. We thought we could dry it up faster by adding cornstarch, and let's just say we had a slipping good time at the show. I personally didn't fall, but we could make a drinking game out of watching the video later. The show went well aside from the slip and slide floor, and the classic cleanup followed by drinks at Trudy's was a fun fun time.

I'm sad the dance season is over, but next semester: Rumba, and Cell Block Tango! Plus, my birthday is in 2 days, and I'm already celebrating! I am also excited for the many many parties and plans that I have with all my lovely friends in the next 3 weeks!

See? Told you I'm a happy person. 90% average for the last week. The finger chop really killed the average. How mean. (hahahhaa math joke.)

Missing my friends from far and wide!