Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winter Update

Wow! It has been a while!


I have plans to go to an awesome design conference in April that is put on by AIGA Austin called Design Ranch. It is in its 8th year, and I am going as a real camper this time (not a volunteer!) Should be a very good experience for me to get out and get back into art and design conceptually, since I don't get to at work often enough. Good friends will be there too, and I am looking forward to a very good time. No Portfolio Center people! (hopefully)

Next year I am going to helping out AIGA Austin by assisting in organizing the Small Talks. It should be fun to help set up small talks every other month for designers to gather and talk about everything and anything related to design. Being involved is great.

I am turning my SaBook into a blog! Stay tuned for a link, and updates! Let's make it famous!


I have sadly been taking a break from ballroom performance. (sad!) I really miss it, but the time and money and situations were too much to bear. J and I still dance socially sometimes, but we need to get back into something. Either country western, or west coast swing and lindy hop.

I am still the publicity coordinator, and recently was elected the Secretary of the Austin Swing Syndicate. I am in charge of all publicity for all dances and events for the entire year, so I get to have a good time designing posters and fliers and talking to people. I also get into the dances free! If you are interested in swing dancing and you live in Austin, you should come out on Thursday nights!

I am going to use some Christmas money on a dance card to take community dance classes at Ballet Austin. Broadyway jazz, Modern, and Tap, here I come! I can hardly wait. I miss dancing a lot, and when you do it like a dork in your room, it is just not the same. (but still fun!)

While I doubt anyone reads this much, I am excited to update my collection of Broadway shows (see albums) and am in LOVE with In the Heights, and anything by Jason Robert Brown. It is a lovely time to be Sabrina's iPod, if you love soundtracks of course.

J and got our shows figured out. I know I am crazy for this, but we are going to a lot of shows. Check it out!

January | Spring Awakening, Jesus Christ Superstar
February | Legally Blonde, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
March | Spamalot
May | Rent, Fiddler on the Roof, (possibly Mamma Mia!)
June | Wicked

This is in addition to a couple of local shows (Tick Tick, Boom!, Anything Goes, and Texas State's Spring Musical review). We got to see Tuna Does Vegas, and Avenue Q in San Antonio this fall, plus local versions of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Company, and the Last Five Years. I got to see a version of Sweeney Todd with a friend as well. Woo-hoo!

I am very excited about this season. (can't you tell?)

I am also busy reading a TON! Of course, I love Twilight, anything by Phillipa Gregory, and a sequel, World Without End by Ken Follett. (The Pillars of the Earth=incredible). I also got a gorgeous book about the Wicked musical. It's like a design book, plus it's about Wicked, and just incredible. The Tales of Beedle the Bard is a must, and various other novels that I have stacked up.

My birthday was great. Christmas was super. I am lucky to have such a wonderful family, an incredible boyfriend, hilarious friends, and great co-workers. There is little to complain about, and whenever that is the case, why bother complaining? The economy is not killing me too much right now (that I know of) and politics will be politics. I love the weather, my allergies are tolerable, and my car, Juliet, is running beautifully. Hooray God and my lovely church, and the strong faith that I renew weekly. I love the gym, and will be loving it a lot these next few weeks. I miss talking with friends, and wish I had more pen pals from out of state.

Until next time, everyone take care, and say hello!

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robin_titan said...

was beedle really good? i haven't read it, i love harry potter but i'm just not sure about that book